Learn To Drive

Learning to Drive

First you must obtain a UK Provisional Licence. The form for this is available from your local post office and you will require a passport style photograph to be sent with the form along with your passport or birth certificate.

Ensure that you are able to read a car number plate at the required distance. If you have any doubts contact us and we will help you.

Your Driving Course can now start.

You will be patiently guided through the various elements of learning to drive and during the course will also receive training for the Theory Test (see below). You should expect to take a minimum of one lesson per week. All our lessons are of one hour duration and may also be taken as doubles or more than one per week by arrangement with your Instructor. We can discuss more intensive courses.

Pick up is usually from your own home but may be from your school/college or place of work. There will only be one pupil in the car at any one time.

You will be provided with a folder to hold your full course notes and report, throughout the course, as a ready reference to how you are progressing.

IDT will make the bookings for your various tests on your behalf to ensure convenient timing.

Ask about free lesson offer for new drivers.

Car Insurance while you Learn

IDT Driving School has arranged with Collingwood Insurance to make available to you a special policy designed for Learners at an extremely competitive price. You will need to enter the referral code provided by your instructor to qualify.

The insurance, which is booked through their web site, allows the learner to have practice on their parent’s or other suitable available car without affecting their insurance.

The policy is entirely in the learners name and paid for on a week by week basis after the initial 4 week period. This has been found to be very successful and beneficial in giving additional practice.

Ask the instructor for details and a referral card or click on the related link on the right of this page. If you learn to drive with IDT this will be advantageous.

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