After You Pass

Pass Plus

This is the course designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to promote better driving after you have passed your Driving Test and have obtained a Full Driving Licence.

This will incorporate Motorway driving along with aiming to raise the standard of your driving overall.

This is a very valuable course for your safety on the road. There is no test involved but your standards will be verified in a report from your Instructor. You will then receive a certificate from the DSA.

Probably the most important financial reason for this course is that virtually all major Motor Insurers will offer you a substantial reduction in your Insurance premium amounting to around 30% in the first year, commonly saving hundreds of pounds.

KCC Discount

IDT Driving in School in association with KCC is able to offer a discount of £60 on the standard course price for Pass Plus Courses in Kent. Only Instructors registered with KCC may attract this offer.

This discount is available to those taking driving tuition in Maidstone and other parts of Kent excluding the Medway Road Traffic Area.

To qualify for the discount you must be 17 and 19 years old to have passed your practical driving test.

Motorway Driving

For those who for some reason do not wish to take the complete Pass Plus Course the option to take the Motorway element is offered.

This is designed to professionally train you on the roads that you would not be allowed to drive on during the course leading to your Driving Test. The safety benefits are obvious and we would stress that this option is taken up.


For those that have not driven for a number of years following passing their test the thought of going onto the roads is daunting.

Our course is designed to assist you in achieving a safe level of driving with the least amount of stress.

This also will apply to those returning to this country after some time away or entering the country for the first time and being faced with driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road.

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